Welcome! Take a Walk on the Green Side is a small home business in Madoc, Ontario offering greener alternatives to everyday items for all members of your family.

We are inundated with single use, disposable items to make our lives easier, from pre-packaged foods, to disposable diapers, coffee cups, and plastic food wrap. It’s easy to use and toss in the trash without a thought how it affects our lives once it’s gone. Our landfills are filling up quickly and there is much we can do to reduce the amount of trash we create.

Have you ever looked at the ingredient listing on your home air freshener, make up, bathroom cleaner or toothpaste? Did you know there are many hidden chemicals in some of our everyday items? Research is now linking exposure to certain compounds to health problems such as, dermatitis, headaches, fatigue and immune dysfunction.

If you’re curious how you can reduce the amount of waste your household creates, and/or use more earth friendly products in your home, you’ve found the right place! Not sure where to start? Ask me! Want to come shop my home showroom in Madoc? Contact me for an appointment.  Want to simply browse the site? Great! You’ll find items for all members of your family here.