5 Ways to Reduce Garbage

1. Consider packaging.  When shopping, opt for less packaging. 

    1. Buy fresh instead of canned
    2. Buy loose vs. pre-packed
    3. Buy bulk when you can (sugar, cookies, tea, flour)
    4. Make it at home!  Instead of buying that (plastic) bag of fries, buy (local) potatoes and make them at home yourself.
    5. Shop around for the item you want with the least amount of packaging.


2. Reusable bags.  Not only at the grocery store, but everywhere! 

    1. Use mesh produce bags instead of a plastic bag to put your fruits and veggies in
    2. Reusable snack bags can be used for lunches vs. plastic baggies or food wrap
    3. Don’t forget your reusable bags when you shop at ALL stores, not just grocery stores.  I always forget I can use mine at Shoppers/Target.


3. Reuse.  Look at what you are throwing out/recycling and see if you can use it for something else.

    1. Old clothes?  Turn into rags
    2. Plastic produce or bread bags?  Wipe down and reuse as storage for baked goods, or for coating fish or chicken for baking.
    3. Glass jars?  Wash and use as storage for those items you buy in bulk.
    4. Plastic containers?  Wash and use as storage or as paint containers/other arts and crafts projects.


4. Recycle or compost. 

    1. Read up on what your community is able to compost and recycle.  You may be surprised at what is on the list that you normally toss in the trash.
    2. Start your own compost.


5. Replace disposable items with reusable ones.

    1. Consider cloth pads and/or a menstrual cup.
    2. Stop buying paper towels and use cloth ones.
    3. Use cloth diapers over disposable ones.
    4. Replace plastic wrap with washable sandwich wrappers, fabric food covers/bags lined with food safe PUL, or use glass containers to store leftovers/lunches.