I have always been passionate about the environment.  While pregnant with Lucas, I did SO MUCH research into cloth diapers, natural detergents, safer alternatives for cleaning, make up, etc.  I know many families do the same.  If I can make that process slightly less daunting for even one family, that makes this venture worthwhile for me. To add to that:


From the time I was 4, I was immersed in the world of retail.  My parents managed a convenience store (back when there were still Becker’s store around!) and I worked there throughout my teenage years.  That gave me a solid retail background which I will always be grateful for- just don’t tell my folks that!  I’ve always wanted to run my own business vs. working for someone else but I never knew exactly what I wanted to do.

In February 2012, I became involved with an organization called Cloth for a Cause. This organization originated in BC in late 2011 by a young mom named Samantha Pearl Kealing.  There are now several chapters across Canada.  Each chapter accepts donated cloth diapers and related accessories and finds families that are struggling financially that want to cloth diaper but can’t afford the initial start -up.  We lend the family the diapers so they can get their babies into cloth and out of expensive disposables.

I opened the first chapter in Ontario (Durham Region, now Southern ON) and have met many amazing people locally (and beyond).  Through conversations with others, I discovered there was a lack of ‘green’ options available in this area.  So, with my retail background, passion for all things green and a noticeable need in this area, one day, despite my mama fogginess, I thought, Hey!  I could open a small business selling greener alternatives to everyday items right here in Durham Region!  I think my friends thought I was joking, but here I am….