Routine Natural Deodorant – 58g


Sisters Neige and Pippa created routine because they believe that, just like the rest of you, your armpits are glorious, and those vital lymph nodes deserve the best.  That is why there is ONLY CLEAN IN YOUR ROUTINE.

Tested on friends, not animals.

To Use: Gently smooth half a jellybean-sized amount onto your underarms.

Now available in jar and stick form!

Best sellers at TAWOTGS? Superstar and Maggie’s Citrus Farm.

My personal favourite?  Reuben & the Dark & Stormy. At least so far 😉

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HELLO,WE ARE NEIGE AND PIPPA : Former smelly sisters who needed an antidote to our own unfortunate natural musk. Searching for an EFFECTIVE deodorant, especially one that was CLEAN AND  STYLISH was an unsavoury lifelong challenge.

Being stinky but smart, naturally, we created some. It’s because we feel lymph nodes, the planet and its inhabitants (YOU) are important business, that we decided to share our creation with ALL people. We believe armpits are lovely and deserve the best, just like every other inch of our flesh covered selves.


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SuperStar -Jar, Superstar -Stick, Maggie's Citrus Farm -Jar, Like a Boss -Stick, Reuben & the Dark & Stormy -Stick


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